Home Birth Plan

Although I wasn’t able to have a home birth, I did plan for one and wrote my home birth plan. Here is my home birth plan for you to use as a guide in making your own. Add or remove what resonates with you and make it unique for your birth.


  • Music play list
  • Dim the lights/close blinds
  • Light candles
  • Diffusers in living room and bedrooms
  • Photos/videos during labor are welcomed
  • Cell phones on silent
  • Cover sky light
  • Hang up affirmations in sight of mama
  • Walk softly and move slowly
  • Call our friend to take care of animals
  • Keep cats away from mama
  • Feed animals and give fresh water
  • IN early labor, sweep and vacuum all floors before setting up birth tub
  • Fill tub after cats are put away to prevent popping
  • Put sign on door in big writting “Do not disturb for any reason-Do not knock or ring door bell”
  • Cover clocks and take off FitBit, watches
  • Remind me to empty bladder every hour
  • Make me eat throughout labor: raw honey sticks, smoothies (blend in garage), nuts, protein bars, soup and broth, mashed potatoes
  • Make sure I get fluids every hour
  • No jolty movements or fast walking with heavy feet
  • Acceptable support: gentle massage and touch, supportive language, relaxation cues-you know what to do babe
  • Do not call people with updates or call family members directly after birth
  • Leave cell phone on silent and out of sight
  • Empty, clean and put away tub wihin 24 hours


  • Use language such as “breathing baby out” not pushing, “surges” not contractions
  • Guidance and encouragement welcomed
  • Suggestions for effective laboring positions welcomed
  • Do not approach mama with transporting to hospital unless absolutely necessary for the safety of mama and baby
  • Minimal noise and conversation during active labor
  • No discussion of time or dialation of cervix
  • Reasurrance of baby’s well-being after fetal monitoring


  • Deliver in birth tub with mama in it only and be the first one to gather her into arms
  • If not in tub-Mama wants to “catch” baby and bring immediately to belly for belly crawl
  • Leave on the baby goop-delayed drying and bath of baby
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Save placenta for placenta encapsulation and take necessary steps


  • Breastfeeding immediately after delivery
  • Snuggle time with mama and daddy
  • Reassure mama, baby and her are healthy and ok


  • Vit K- preservative free injection
  • Eye ointment-No


Check out my Family Centered Cesarean Birth Plan  and Postpartum Care Plan to help prepare for the unexpected.



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