Post-partum Care Plan for Hospital

Here is a copy of my post-partum care plan for after my Family Centered Cesarean. This plan was created for use after the birth while I was recovering from surgery.

Bring a few copies with you as you will have different people coming in after surgery to care for you and your baby (doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, etc). Hang up a copy in your room and review your requests with each new shift nurse (usually an AM and PM nurse) or doctor who enters your room.

DSC_1625Your recovery room is a sacred space. You have the right to ask for minimal disturbances including requesting all tests be completed at one time to minimize people entering, asking that no janitorial services take place, denying hospital meal drop off (we brought our own food), and even have a sign on your door that states all people must check in with the nurse at the nurses station before entering your room. Check with your hospital to see what they can do to create privacy and space for you and your baby.

I share this with you because during our second night in the hospital, a male phlebotomist entered our room without knocking at 5:30AM while I was breast feeding my newborn in our dark room. Upon entering, he switched on the bright florescent lights and completely disturbed our peaceful moment. My baby got upset and so did I! In our sleepless, exhausted, and somewhat doped up state, I hardly had time to respond to him before my baby was out of my arms and getting her heel prick test. It was traumatic for both of us. He quickly rushed through his task and made us feel uncomfortable in an already vulnerable time.  I don’t want this happening to any of you! Our nurses were very apologetic and really cared for us. Our nurses were amazing and we gave them all a thank you note and gift bag to show our appreciation for their outstanding care.

I am very sensitive to peoples energies and didn’t want contact with anyone other than my nurses and doctors. I made sure to request minimal contact with others to protect my privacy and the health of my newborn baby. Nothing is more important than bonding with your baby in the wee hours of his/her life. Rest, snuggles and lots of skin on skin are important for a newborn baby. Reducing stress and getting rest will speed up your healing process and go home sooner.

DSC_1622We also brought items from home to decorate our room and create a sacred space of healing and love. Bring items that make you feel safe, bring you love, and hold special meanings. We brought our prayer flags, a dream catcher, battery operated candles, essential oils and a device to play music. It made our room feel more “homey” and all the nurses loved tending to us because they said our room looked beautiful and smelt really good!



Here is my Post-partum Care Plan:

  • I would like to save my placenta by placing it in the zip locks bag provided labeled with my name. It can remain at room temperature for 2 hours following the birth and then needs to be put on ice (we will provide an ice chest if needed). Do not take it out of the room to the pathology lab.
  • Microbiome transfer from mama to baby
  • All newborn procedures done in my presence
  • I would like a preservative free vitamin K injection to be given during skin on skin time/breast feeding time. If the preservative free injection is not available, do not give the baby a vitamin K injection.
  • I do not want the baby to receive the antibiotic eye prophylaxis.
  • I wish to delay my baby’s first bath until we come home so that I can get breastfeeding and bonding off to a good start.
  • I would like the IV/catheter to be taken out as soon as possible
  • No formula for the baby. I plan to breastfed exclusively
  • Do not offer a pacifier
  • No antibiotics for baby
  • I would like 24 hour room in with my baby in a private room with a window bed for my partner
  • I would like for all people entering my room to check in with my nurse before entering

Check out my Family Centered Cesarean Birth Plan and Home Birth Plan  for ideas with writing your own birth plan.

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